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Personality Profile: Zephaniah

1:1 Name means: “The Lord has hidden,” perhaps reflecting the likelihood that Zephaniah was born during the evil days of King Manasseh (c. 697–642 a.d.).

Home: Probably Jerusalem.

Family: Was a descendant of Hezekiah, probably the king of Judah (c. 715–686 a.d.); was the son of Cushi; probably a cousin and contemporary of King Josiah (c. 640–609 a.d.).

Occupation: Prophet in Judah during the early reign of King Josiah, probably before the spiritual reforms of 621 a.d. (2 Kin. 23:4–20).

Best known today as: A prophet from the royal family in Judah who warned that the nation’s immorality and idolatry made judgment inevitable (1:4–13; 3:1–7). However, he also predicted that a penitent remnant would survive the coming judgment and enjoy blessings (2:1–3; 3:8–20).

Titles of the Coming King

Lord of hosts (Isa. 24:23, nasb)

The Lord (Micah 4:7)

Your God (Isa. 53:7)

The most High (Dan. 7:22–24)

The Lord our Righteousness (Jer. 23:6)

Mighty God (Isa. 9:6)

Ancient of Days (Dan. 7:13)

the King (Isa. 33:17)

Messiah the Prince (Dan. 9:25–26, kjv)

The Judge (Isa. 11:3–4)

The Redeemer (Isa. 59:20)

The Lawgiver (Isa. 33:22)

Prince of princes (Dan. 8:25)

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Served as a prophet to Judah from 640-621 B.C.

The Blueprint

1) THE DAY OF JUDGMENT (11:1-3:8)

2) THE DAY OF HOPE (3:9-20)

Zephaniah warned the people of Judah that if they refused to repent, the entire nation, including the beloved city of Jerusalem, would be lost. The people knew that God would eventually bless them, but Zephaniah made it clear that there would be judgment first, then blessing. This judgment would not be merely punishment for sin, but it would also be a means of purifying the people. Though we live in a fallen world surrounded by evil, we can hope in the perfect Kingdom of God to come; and we can allow any punishment that touches us now to purify us from sin.

Zephaniah Overview

"Day of the Lord" Fulfillments

God's "I Wills" of Restoration

Zephaniah 3:18-20