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Personality Profile: Zechariah

1:1 Name means: “Jehovah remembers.”

Not to be confused with: At least 27 other men of the same name in the Bible, including the son and successor of Jeroboam II (2 Kin. 14:29; 15:8), and the father of John the Baptist (Luke 1:5).

Home: Probably born in Babylon; relocated to Jerusalem, possibly in the return of 538 a.d.

Family: Was the grandson of Iddo and the son of Berechiah.

Occupation: Probably a Levite (if Neh. 12:16 refers to him), and a prophet in postexilic Jerusalem.

Best known today for: His eight prophetic, apocalyptic visions, and his two judgment-salvation oracles, in which he rebuked the people of Jerusalem and exhorted them to complete the rebuilding of the temple.

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Scattering & Return

Zechariah’s Visions


Served as a prophet to Judah about 520 B.C., after the return from exile.


    1. Zechariah's night visions

    2. Zechariah's words of encouragement


Zechariah encouraged the people to put away the sin in their lives and to continue rebuilding the temple. His visions described the judgment of Israel's enemies, the blessings to Jerusalem, and the need for God's people to remain pure - avoiding hypocrisy, superficiality, and sin Zechariah's visions provided hope to the people. We also need to carefully follow the instruction to remain pure until Christ returns.

Besides encouragement and hope, Zechariah's messages were also a warning that God's messianic Kingdom would not begin as soon as the Temple was complete. Israel's enemies would be judged and the King would come, but God's people would themselves face many difficult circumstances before experiencing the blessing of the messianic Kingdom. We too, may face much sorrow, disappointment, and distress before coming into Christ's eternal Kingdom.

Other Names of Jerusalem

  1. The city of our God (Ps 48:1)

  2. The city of the Great King (Ps 48:2)

  3. The city of the Lord Almighty (Ps 48:8)

  4. Salem (Ps 76:2)

  5. Zion (Ps 76:2)

  6. The City Of Righteousness (Isa 1:26)

  7. The Faithful City (Isa 1:26)

  8. Ariel (Lion of God) (Isa 29:1)

  9. The holy city (Isa 52:1)

  10. The City of the Lord (Isa 60:14)

  11. Hephzibah ["My delight is in her"] (Isa 62:4)

  12. The Throne of the Lord (Jer 3:17)

  13. The Lord our Righteous Savior (Jer 33:16)

  14. The perfection of beauty (La 2:15)

  15. The joy of the whole earth (La 2:15)

  16. The Lord is there (Eze 48:35)

  17. The Faithful City (Zec 8:3)

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