Song of Solomon

How to Study Song of Solomon

    1. The Song of Solomon is a unified lyrical poem composed of a variety of songs. There is no other book like it in Scripture. Before you begin to analyze its content, sit down and read it through slowly without stopping. Remember, the phrases may seem different or unusual because of the culture of the Eastern people.

    2. As you read Song of Solomon, notice who is speaking when. The references notes of the NASB identify who speaks. If you prefer to identify the speaker yourself, do the following:

        1. read the book again and mark every time the woman (bride) speaks and also when the man (bridegroom) speaks. Watch for the pronouns he and she and mark them in distinctive colors.

        2. As you read, you will notice there is a third party referred to in the text as "the daughters of Jerusalem" and in the reference notes in the margin as "Chorus." Note when "the daughters of Jerusalem" (the chorus) intervenes. When you see any other parties speaking, mark these as well. Note these under "Segment Divisions" on the Structure of Song of Solomon.

    3. Now read through the Song of Solomon again. This time do the following:

        1. As you read, mark the key words: love, beloved, come (coming), beautiful.

        2. Watch for details about the bride and the bridegroom - their position, family, how they met, where they met, etc. A careful reading of the book as a whole can help you piece together these facts. You might want to write your observations on a piece of paper and then transfer them to the margin of the text.

        3. Watch for other segment divisions in the book. For instance, note when the courtship ends, when the wedding takes place, and what occurs in the marriage and why. (Watch for the word wedding.) Record these divisions on Structure of Song of Solomon and then in your Bible. Complete the chart.

        4. Record the theme of each chapter on Structure of Song of Solomon and then in your Bible.

Key Words in the NIV and KJV

Key doctrines in Song of Solomon

  1. The love of God reflected in human love (6:2, 3; Gen 29:20; Lev 19:18; 2Chr 36:15; Matt 14:14; Like 15:20-24; Phil 1:8)

  2. God's grace given through marriage (Ruth 1:9; Ezek 16:6-8; Matt 1:20; Heb 13:4; 1Pet 3:7)


Studies on Song of Solomon