Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon Application

1) There are many different interpretations in respect to the meaning of this book. Does Song of Solomon speak only about the emotional and physical relationship of love and marriage? Or does it symbolize something such as Israel's relationship to God, or the church's relationship to Jesus, their heavenly bridegroom, or the individual's devotion to Christ? If it goes beyond the natural to the spiritual, what would you see that you might apply to your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ?

2) If this book speak merely of the physical and emotional bonds of marriage, what do you learn from it that you might apply to your relationship with your mate? Think about the way the bride and bridegroom communicated with each other, what they shared, what their physical relationship was like, what caused problems, and how they solved them.

3) What can you learn from Song of Solomon that would help you prepare for marriage? For instance, what can you learn from this book about understanding yourself, your future mate, and the importance of intimacy, purity, and physical oneness?

4) What do you think an adulterous relationship would do to the intimacy between the bride and the bridegroom? James 4:4 tells us that when we becomes friends with the world (the world system) we are committing spiritual adultery. What does this do to our intimacy with God? Read 2 Corinthians 11:2-3 and think about it.

Song of Songs Themes of Application