How to Study Ruth

    1. As you read Ruth one chapter at a time:

        1. First read each chapter simply to catch the flavor of the lives of these people.

        2. Then read each chapter again, focusing on the "who" and the "what." Look at the main characters mentioned in each chapter. Note the sequence of events and how each character confronts and deals with his or her situations. Note how chapter 1 gives you the historical context of Ruth.

        3. Watch for and mark the key repeated words: redeem (redemption), relative (closest relative, kinsman), Naomi, Ruth, Boaz. After you finish marking key words in a chapter, observe what you learn about each. If there is something significant you want to remember, write in the margin.

    2. Determine the theme of each chapter and record it on Structure of Ruth and the beginning of each chapter in your Bible.

    3. When you finish reading Ruth and marking every reference to redeem, kinsman, and closest relative:

        1. List everything you learn about the process of redeeming a close relative. Pay attention to the process in chapter 4.

        2. Look up the laws regarding redemption in Leviticus 25:23-28 and Deuteronomy 25:5-10. You may want to record these cross-references next to your insights on redemption.

    1. Complete Structure of Ruth.

Key Words in the NIV and KJV

Key doctrines in Ruth

  1. Redemption for both Jews and Gentiles (2:12; 1Sam 24:19; Ps 58:11; Acts 13:46; Rom 10:11, 12; Gal 3:28; Eph 2:14)

  2. Women as co-heirs with men of God's salvation grace (2:12; Acts 17:12; Gal 3:28)

  3. Characteristics of a virtuous woman (3:11; Prov 12:4; 31:10-31)

  4. David's right (and thus Christ's right) to the throne of Israel (4:18-22; Gen 49:8-12; Matt 1:1-7; Luke 3:32)


Studies on Ruth