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Understanding Proverbs

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Solomon instructed the young people of his day like a father giving advice to his child. While many of these proverbs are directed toward young people, the principles supporting them are helpful to all believers, male and female, young and old. Anyone beginning his or her journey to discover more of wisdom will benefit greatly from these wise sayings.

Solomon wanted to impart wisdom to all people, regardless of their are, sex, or position in society. These short, wise saying give us practical wisdom for daily living. We should study them diligently and integrate them into our lives.

In addition to the proverbs that Solomon collected, the advisers of Hezekiah collected many proverbs that Solomon and others wrote. While most of these are general in nature, many are directed specifically to the king and those who dealt with the king. These are particularly useful for leaders or those who aspire to be leaders.

Things God hates

The book of Proverbs notes 14 types of people and actions that God hates. Let these be guidelines of what we are not to be and do!

    • Violent people

    • Haughtiness, lying, murdering, scheming, eagerness to do wrong, false witness, stirring up discord

    • Those who are untruthful

    • The sacrifice of the wicked

    • The way of the wicked

    • Evil plans

    • Those who are proud

    • Those who judge unjustly

    • Proverbs 3:31, 32

    • Proverbs 6:16-19

    • Proverbs 12:22

    • Proverbs 15:8

    • Proverbs 15:9

    • Proverbs 15:26

    • Proverbs 16:5

    • Proverbs 17:15

God's advice about money

Proverbs gives some practical instruction on the use of money, although sometimes it is advice we would rather not hear. It's more comfortable to continue in our habits than to learn how to use money more wisely. The advice includes:

  • Be generous in giving

  • Place people's needs ahead of profit

  • Be cautious of countersigning for another

  • Don't accept bribes

  • Help the poor

  • Store up for the future

  • Be careful about borrowing

  • Other verses to study include

  • 11:24,25; 22:9

  • 11:26

  • 17:18; 22:26,27

  • 17:23

  • 19:17; 21:13

  • 21:20

  • 22:7

  • 11:15; 20:16; 25:14; 27:13

Righteousness and wickedness

Proverbs often compares the lifestyles of the wicked and the righteous, and makes a strong case for living by God's pattern. The advantages of righteous living and the disadvantages of wicked living are pointed out. The kind of person we decide to be will affect every area of our lives.

Parallels between the Law and Wisdom

Law and wisdom both had secular functions outside

of Israel, but are transformed into spiritual concepts

in Israel by God's revealed relationship to them.

Proverbs Overview