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The Rulers and Prophets of Obadiah's Time

Personality Profile: Obadiah

1 Name means: “Servant (or worshiper) of the Lord.”

Not to be confused with: Eleven other men in the Old Testament, including an official in charge of Ahab’s palace (1 Kin. 18:3–16).

Best known today as: The prophet whose vision of the Lord’s judgment on Edom is contained in the shortest book in the Old Testament.

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I. The Doom of Edom (vv. 1–14).

A. The Humbling of Proud Edom (vv. 1–4).

B. The Thoroughness of the Slaughter of Edom (vv. 5–9).

C. The Reason for Edom’s Destruction (vv. 10–14).

II. Edom in “the Day of the Lord” (vv. 15–21).

A. The Judgment of Edom and Other Nations (vv. 15, 16).

B. Israel’s Place in “the Day of the Lord” (vv. 17–21).

1. Salvation and Riches (v. 17).

2. The Destruction of Edom (v. 18).

3. The Enlargement of Borders (vv. 19, 20).

4. The Lord and Those Who Reign with Him (v. 21).

New Geneva study Bible. 1997, c1995 (electronic ed.) (Abd 1). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.


Served as a prophet to Judah possibly around 853 B.C.

The Blueprint



The book of Obadiah shows the outcome on the ancient feud between Edom and Israel. Edom was proud of its high position, but God would bring her down. Those who are high and powerful today should not be overconfident in themselves, whether they are a nation, a corporation, a church, or a family. Just as Edom was destroyed for its pride, so will anyone be who lives in defiance of God.

History of the conflict between Israel and Edom

  • The nations of Israel descended from Jacob; the nation of Edom descended from Esau

  • Jacob and Esau struggled in their mother's womb

  • Esau sold his birthright and blessing to Jacob

  • Edom refused to let the Israelites pass through its land

  • Israel's kings had constant conflict with Edom.

    • Saul

    • David

    • Solomon

    • Jehoram

    • Ahaz

  • Edom urged Babylon to destroy Jerusalem

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