Joel Time

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The Rulers and Prophets of Joel's Time

Book of Joel

Prophecies of:

Predict Pentecost Joel 2:28–32

Proclaim salvation in Christ Joel 2:32

Portray the universal judgment Joel 3:1–16

Picture the eternal age Joel 3:17–21

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Personality Profile: Joel

1:1 Name means: “The Lord is God.”

Not to be confused with: Thirteen other men of the same name in the Old Testament, including a son of Samuel (1 Sam. 8:2), and a Levite who helped cleanse the temple during the reign of King Hezekiah of Judah (2 Chr. 29:12).

Home: Possibly Jerusalem.

Family: Son of Pethuel (“Vision of God”).

Occupation: Unknown, though some believe he may have been a farmer due to his many allusions to agriculture.

Best known today as: The prophet whose visions of the outpouring of God’s Spirit (Joel 2:28–32) are contained in the Book of Joel.

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Served as a prophet to Judah, possibly from 835-796 B.C.

The Blueprint


B. THE DAY OF THE LORD (2:28-3:21)

The locust plague was only a foretaste of the judgment to come in the day of the Lord. This is a timeless call to repentance with the promise of blessing. Just as the people faced the tragedy of their crops being destroyed, we, too, will face tragic judgment is we live in sin. But God's grace is available to us both now and in that coming day.

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