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The Lord Challenges Job

In the face of God’s fearful challenge, Job could only humble himself:

God's Challenge

First, Job's Ignorance (38:1-40:2)

  • He was absent at creation

  • He cannot explain the forces of nature

Job's Response

Job admits his ignorance and become silent (40:3-5)

Second, Job frality (40:6-41:34)

  • He cannot overrule God's ways

  • He cannot control forces of nature

job confesses his presumption and repents (42:2-6

The sources of suffering

When suffering or troubles happen, do they always come from Satan? In Job's story, his series of tragedies did come from Satan, but this is not always the case. The chart above demonstrates the four main causes of suffering. Any one of these or a combination of them may create suffering. If knowing why we are suffering will teach us to avoid the cause, then the causes are worth knowing. However, it is most important to know how to respond during suffering.

Advice from Job's friends

Overwhelmed by suffering, Job was not comforted but condemned by his friends. Each of their views represents a well-know way to understand suffering. God proves that each explanation given by Job's friends has less than the whole answer:

The Blueprint

Biographical Sketch of Job

  1. A spiritually mature man (1:1, 8; 2:3)

  2. Father of many children (1:2; 42:13)

  3. Owner of many herds (1:3; 42:12)

  4. A wealthy and influential man (1:3b)

  5. A priest to his family (1:5)

  6. A loving, wise husband (2:9)

  7. A man of prominence in community affairs (29:7-11)

  8. A man of benevolence (29:12-17; 31:32)

  9. A wise leader (29:21-24)

  10. Grower of crops (31:38-40)

Job Overview