Jeremiah Time

Vital statistics

The Rulers and Prophets of Jeremiah's Time

The Call of Jeremiah






Jeremiah’s response

God corrects him

God enables him

The son of Hilkiah (1:1)

Anathoth in Benjamin (1:1)

The reign of Josiah, 626 b.c. (1:2)

Ordained a prophet to the nations (1:5)

Decided before his birth (1:5)

“I am a youth” (1:6)

“I am with you” (1:7, 8)

Given words of power (1:9, 10)

The dramatic character of Jeremiah’s call highlights the principle that when God calls a person to a task, He also equips that person for the task. Like Jeremiah, we list our weaknesses and limitations, But God promises His enabling presence. Like Jeremiah, we anticipate fearful situations. But God promises His deliverance. God does not call us to a task He cannot help us to fulfill.

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Jeremiah’s Times

686 Manasseh becomes sole king

648 Josiah born

642 Amon succeeds Manasseh as king

640 Josiah becomes king

633 Josiah at 16 seeks after God

628 Josiah at 20 begins reforms

627 Jeremiah at 20 called as prophet

621 Mosaic Law found in the temple

612 Nineveh destroyed as Nahum prophesied

609 Josiah slain in battle at Megiddo;

Jehoiakim becomes king

605 Babylon defeats Egypt at Carchemish;

Daniel, others taken hostage to Babylon;

Nebuchadnezzar becomes king of Babylon

604 Nebuchadnezzar receives tribute in Palestine

601 Nebuchadnezzar defeated near Egypt

598 Jehoiakim set aside; Jehoiachin rules from December 9 to March 16, 597 and is deported April 22 to Babylon

597 Zedekiah becomes king in Judah

588 Babylon lays siege to Jerusalem on January 15

587 Jeremiah imprisoned (Jer. 32:1–2)

586 Zedekiah flees July 18; destruction of city begins August 14; Gedaliah killed and Jews migrate to Egypt against God’s command October

Jeremiah’s Messages During Josiah’s Reign

Jeremiah’s Messages During

Jehoiakim’s Reign

11:1–13:14 The broken covenant

14–15 Prayers are fruitless

16–17 Jeremiah’s celibacy

22 The king rejected

23 False prophets charged

25 Nebuchadnezzar, God’s servant

26 Jeremiah threatened with death

35 Example of the Recabites

45 Promise to Baruch

46–48 Against foreign nations

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Messages In Zedekiah’s Time

Chapter 21 Advice for the king

Chapter 24 Zedekiah abandoned

Chapter 27 Judah must submit

Chapter 28 God’s iron yoke

Chapter 29 Letter to the exiles

Chapter 34 Judah’s broken covenant

Chapters 37–39 Jerusalem’s fall

Chapter 49 The nations warned

Relationship between Law and Other Covenants

Time Line of Jeremiah


Served as a prophets to Judah from 627 B.C. nil the exile in 585 B.C

The Blueprint


    1. The call of Jeremiah

    2. Jeremiah condemns Judah for its sins

    3. Jeremiah prophesies destruction

    4. Jeremiah accuses Judah's leaders

    5. Restoration is promised

    6. God's promised judgment arrives


    1. Prophecies about foreign nations

    2. The fall of Jerusalem

Jeremiah confronts many people with their sins: kings; false prophets, those at the temples, and those at the gates. A lack of response made Jeremiah wonder if he was doing any good at all. He often felt discouraged and sometimes bitter. To bring such gloomy messages to these people was a hard task. We, too, have a responsibility to bring this news to a fallen world: Those who continue in their sinful ways are eternally doomed. Although we may feel discouraged at the lack of response, we must press on to tell others about the consequences of sin and the hope that God offers. Those who tell people only what they want to hear are being unfaithful to God's message.

Jeremiah lived to see many of his prophecies come true - most notably the fall of Jerusalem. The fulfillment of this and others prophecies against the foreign nations came as a result of sin. These who refuse to confess their sin bring judgment upon themselves.

The Kings of Jeremiah's lifetime

God's object lessons in Jeremiah

Function of the Prophets

Illustrations of God's Judgment

  1. An Almond Branch (1:11, 12)

  2. A Boiling Pot (1:13-16)

  3. Lions (2:15; 4:7; 5:6; 50:17)

  4. A Scorching Wind (4:11, 12; 18:17; 23:19; 25:32)

  5. Wolf (5:6)

  6. Leopard (5:6)

  7. Stripping Away JUdah's Branches (5:10)

  8. Fire (5:14)

  9. Making This House (Worship Center) like Shiloh (7:14)

  10. Snakes, Vipers (8:17)

  11. Destroying Olive Branches (11:16-17)

  12. Uprooting (12:17)

  13. Linen Belt Made Worthless (13:1-11)

  14. Wineskins Filled with Wine and Smashed Against One Another (13:12-14)

  15. A Potter's Jar Smashed (19:10, 11; cf. 22:28)

  16. A Hammer [God's Word] Breaking a Rock (23:29)

  17. A Cup of Wrath (25:15)

  18. Zion Plowed like a Field (26:18)

  19. Wearing Yokes of Wood and Iron (27:2; 28:13)

  20. A Hammer [Babylon] (50:23)

  21. A Destroying Mountain [Babylon] (51:25)

Major Trials of Jeremiah

  1. Trial by Death Threats (11:18-23)

  2. Trial by Isolation (15:15-21)

  3. Trial by Stocks (19:14-20:18)

  4. Trial by Arrest (26:7-24)

  5. Trial by Challenge (28:10-16)

  6. Trial by Destruction (36:1-32)

  7. Trial by Violence and Imprisonment (37:15)

  8. Trial by Starvation (38:1-6)

  9. Trial by Chains (40:1)

  10. Trial by Rejection (42:1-43:4)

Object Lessons

  1. The Linen Belt (13:1-11)

  2. The Pot Marred and Remade (18:1-11)

  3. The Jar Smashed upon the Rocks (19:10-11)

  4. Two Baskets of Figs (24:1-10)

  5. The Wooden and Iron Yokes (chaps. 27, 28)

  6. The Purchase of Land (32:6-44

  7. The Stones in Egypt 43:8-10)

Jeremiah Overview