Jeremiah Applications

1. Judah played the harlot. How have you behaved as the bride of Christ? Do you relate to any of Judah's sins? In James 4:4 God calls those who are friends with the world adulteresses. What would He call you?

2. How faithful are you to proclaim God's Word to others? What can you learn from Jeremiah's life in this respect? Do you hesitate to share God's Word with others because of fear or because you think they wouldn't listen? Are you dismayed by their faces? What should you do? Think about all the times you marked listened and hear in Jeremiah. Judah didn't listen to God-only to those prophets who tickled her ears. How carefully do you listen to God's Word?

3. Would God have relented of the calamity He was about to bring on Judah? Why? What do you learn from this?

4. God uses nations as His rod of judgment, and yet He holds them accountable for their actions. What does this tell you about God and about your accountability before Him?

Jeremiah Themes of Application