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Some of the Gods of Egypt

The Edomites—Perpetual Enemies of Israel

The Edomites and Israelites were descended from Isaac’s two sons Esau and Jacob, respectively. Yet despite this kinship, the two peoples feuded repeatedly throughout biblical history, as the following table shows:

The Outcome of Jacob’s Predictions

Jacob’s pronouncement to his twelve sons of what would happen to them “in the last days” (Gen. 49:1) was highly individualized for each son:

Joseph - A Type of Christ

The Sons of Jacob

The Blueprint

False God on the Old Testament

  1. Rachel's household gods (Ge 31:19)

  2. The golden calf at Sinai (Ex 32)

  3. Nanna, the moon god of Ur, worshiped by Abraham before his salvation (Jos 24:2)

  4. Asherah, or Ashtaroth, the chief goddess of Tyre, referred to as the lady of the sea (Jdg 6:24-32)

  5. Dagon, the chief Philistine agriculture and sea god and father of Baal (Jdg 16:23-30; 1Sa 5:1-7)

  6. Ashtoreth, a Canaanite goddess, another consort of Baal (1Sa 7:3, 4)

  7. Molek, the god of Ammonites and the most horrible idol in the Scriptures (1Ki 11:7; 2Ch 28:14; 33:6)

  8. The two golden images made by King Jeroboam, set up at the shrines of Dan and Bethel (1Ki 12:28-31)

  9. Baal, the chief deity of Canaan (1Ki 18:17-40; 2Ki 10:28; 11:18)

  10. Rimmon, the Syrian god of Naaman the leper (2Ki 5:15-19)

  11. Nisrok, the Assyrian god of Sennacherib (2Ki 19:37)

  12. Nebo, the Babylonian god of wisdom and literature (Isa 46:1)

  13. Mardik, the chief god of the Babylonian pantheon (Jer 50:2)

  14. Ammuz, the husband and brother of Ishtar (Asherah), goddess of fertility (Eze 8:14)

  15. The golden image in the plain of Dura (Da 3)

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