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The Rulers and Prophets of Ezekiel's Time

Ezekiel’s One-Man Dramas

During the years of his prophetic ministry, Ezekiel acted out numerous symbolic role plays to communicate his message.

The Parables of Ezekiel

A parable is a truth wrapped in a memorable story or word picture. It could be fictions, dramatized, or the result of a vision. Jesus gave much of His teaching through parables (See “The Parables of Jesus Christ” at Luke 8:4). So did several of the Old Testament prophets, including Ezekiel.

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The Prophetic Points of History


Served as a prophets to the exiles in Babylon from 593-571 B.C.

Dates in Ezekiel

The Blueprint

A. MESSAGES OF DOOM (1:1-24:27)

    1. Ezekiel's call

    2. Visions of sin and judgment

    3. Punishment is certain


C. MESSAGES OF HOPE (33:1-48:35)

    1. Restoring the people of God

    2. Restoring the worship of God

While Jeremiah was prophesying in Jerusalem that the city would soon fall to the Babylonians, Ezekiel was giving the same message to the captives who were already in Babylon. Like those in Jerusalem, the captives stubbornly believed that Jerusalem would not fall and that would soon return to their land. Ezekiel warned them that punishment has certain because of their sins and that God was purifying his people. God will always punish sin, whether we believe it or not.

Ezekiel condemns the sinful actions of seven nations. The people in these nations were saying that God was obviously too weak to defend his people and the city of Jerusalem. But God was allowing his people to be defeated in order to punish them for their sins. These pagan nations, however, would face a similar fate, and then they would know that God is all-powerful. Those who dare to mock God today will also face a terrible fate.

After the fall of Jerusalem, Ezekiel delivered messages of future restoration and hope for the people. God is holy, but Jerusalem and the Temple had become defiled. The nation had to be cleansed through 70 years of captivity. Ezekiel gives a vivid picture of the unchangeable holiness of God. Wee, too, must gain a vision of the glory of God, a fresh sense of his greatness, as we face the struggles of daily life.

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