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God behind the scenes in Esther

Although God's name is not mentioned in the Hebrew text of Esther, he makes himself know in these ways:

Indirect References

Divine Incidents

The book of Esther is filled with divine interventions

  • 2:17. Esther, who worshiped God, became queen.

  • 4:14. God's existence and his power over the affairs of people are assumed

  • 4:16. Fasting was a distinct spiritual activity usually connected with prayer

  • 2:21,23. Mordecai overhears a death plot and saves the king's life.

  • 6:1. Xerxes can't sleep and decides to read a history book.

  • 6:2. Xerxes reads the exact page needed for the moment, reminding him of an unpaid reward to Mordecai.

  • 7:9, 10. Haman's plan is exactly reversed-the intended victims are the victors.

How God works in the world

God's will What God wants done - he works through

The Blueprint

  1. Esther becomes queen (1:1-2:23)

  2. The Jews are threatened (3:1-4:17)

  3. Esther intercedes for the Jews (5:5-8:17)

  4. The Jews are delivered (9:1-10:3)

The book of Esther is an example of God's divine guidance and care over our lives. God's sovereignty and power are seen throughout this book.

Although we may question certain circumstances in our lives, we must have faith that God in in control, working through both the pleasant and difficult times so that we can serve him effectively.

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