2 Kings

Vital statistics

Judah Major Kings

Israel's Division and Captivity

The Blueprint


    1. Elisha's ministry

    2. Kings of Israel and Judah

    3. Israel is exiled to Assyria


    1. Kings of Judah

    2. Judah is exiled to Babylon

Although Israel had the witness and power of Elisha, the nation turned from God and was exiled to Assyria. Assyria filled the northern kingdom with people from other lands. There has been no return from this captivity-it was permanent. Such is the end of all who shut God out of their lives.

The northern kingdom was destroyed, and prophets were predicting the same fate for Judah. What more could cause the nation to repent? Hezekiah and Josiah were able to stem the tide of evil. They both repaired the Temple and gathered the people for the Passover. Josiah eradicated idolatry from the land, but as soon as these good kings were gone, the people returned again to living their own way instead of God's way. Each individual must believe and live for God in his or her family, church, and nation.

Second Kings Overview