2 Kings

2 Kings

מלכים ב

Reading 2,03 - 25 Chapters - 719 verses - 23,532 words

Vital Statistics

Outline of 2 Kings

God's character in 2 Kings

  1. God is compassionate - 13:23

  2. God is one - 19:15

  3. God is wrathful - 19:28, 35, 37; 22:17

Christ in 2 Kings

Although great judgment fell on Judah for the nation's disobedience, God still spared the Jewish remnant in Babylonian captivity. This remnant preserved the royal line of David through which Christ would enter the world. Judah's apostasy demanded judgment from the righteous God, yet God remained faithful to His covenant with David. As David's direct descendant, Jesus the Messiah would ultimately free His people from the captivity that held them in sin.