2 Chronicles

2 Chronicles Application

1) Many lessons about prayer and seeking God can be learned from this book. Review what you have seen from marking the key words. Think about what you learned regarding sin, prayer, confession, and repentance in 2 Chronicles 6.

2) Second Chronicles is filled with illustrations of how people dealt with difficulties and testing. How did you relate to these people? What did you learn from their lives-men such as Asa, Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah, Uzziah? As you studied them, did God prick your heart? With what warnings or cautions?

3) What did you learn about the heart from this book? Do you serve the Lord wholeheartedly or halfheartedly? What did you learn about crying to the Lord? What happened to those who cried out to Him? Did they always deserve to be heard?

4) What did you learn about the sovereignty of God? How active or involved is God in the affairs of men? What were the different ways God afflicted those who disobeyed? Do you have a healthy fear of God?

2 Chronicles Themes of Application