1 Samuel

1 Samuel Time

2 Samuel Time

Vital statistics

The United Kingdom under Saul, David, and Solomon


King Saul’s Decline and Fall

Israelites versus Philistines

The Israelites and Philistines were archenemies and constantly fought. Here are some of their confrontations, found in 1 and 2 Samuel.

When the Israelites trusted God for the victory, they always won.

The Problems with having a King

Life of David versus Life of Saul

The Blueprint

A. ELI AND SAMUEL (1:1-7:17)

    1. Samuel's birth and childhood

    2. War with the Philistines

B. SAMUEL AND SAUL (8:1-15:35)

    1. Saul becomes king of Israel

    2. God rejects Saul for disobedience

C. SAUL AND DAVID (16:1-31:13)

    1. Samuel anoints David

    2. David and Goliath

    3. David and Jonathan become friends

    4. Saul pursues David

    5. Saul's defeat and death

We see vivid contrast between young Samuel and Eli's sons. Eli's sons were selfish, but Samuel was helpful. Eli's sons defrauded people, but Samuel grew in wisdom and gave the people messages from God. As an adult, Samuel became a prophet, priest, and judge over Israel. A person's actions reflect his character. This was true of Samuel and of Eli's sons. It is also true of us. Strive, like Samuel, to keep your heart pure before God.

Saul showed great promise. He was strong, tall, and modest. God's Spirit came upon him, and Samuel was his counselor. But Saul deliberately disobeyed God and became evil king. We must not base our hopes or future on our potential. Instead, we must consistently obey God in all areas of life. God evaluates obedience, no potential.

David quickly killed Goliath but waited patiently for God to deal with Saul. Although David was anointed to be Israel's next king, he had to wait years to realize this promise. The difficult circumstances in the times of waiting often refine, teach, and prepare us for the future responsibilities God has for us.

First Samuel Overview