1 Samuel

1 Samuel Application

1) What lessons did you learn from Eli's dealing with his son? Do you see your accountability before God to discipline your children?

2) What do you learn from Samuel's and David's lives regarding seeking God, listening to Him, and obeying Him? Are there consequences when you don't?

3) Did you notice how much time has elapsed since David was anointed to be king? Still as 1 Samuel comes to a close, David is not king over Israel. Think about all that transpired since Samuel anointed David. What can you learn from this about God's promised, His purpose, and His timing? Are you waiting patiently on God for the fulfillment of His promises to you?

4) Review the "Lessons for Life" you observed and the insights you recorded about God in the margins of 1 Samuel. Make these a matter of prayer.

1 Samuel Themes of Application