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More Good News for Ramoth Gilead

4:13 The designation of Ramoth Gilead as the regional headquarters for one of Solomon’s twelve administrative districts (1 Kin. 4:13) was more good news to a city already blessed as a major political and economic center. See 1 Kin. 22:29 for a description of the city’s numerous advantages.

Two Kingdoms

Israel's Division and Captivity

Chronology of Foreign Kings

* All dates are B.C. and are those of the kings' reigns.

(NVI. SB. p 624)

The Blueprint


    1. Solomon become king

    2. Solomon's wisdom

    3. Solomon builds the Temple

    4. Solomon's greatness and downfall


    1. Revolt of the northern tribes

    2. Kings of Israel and Judah

    3. Elijah,s ministry

    4. Kings of Israel and Judah

Solomon was a botanist, zoologist, architect, poet, and philosopher. He was the wisest king in the history of Israel, but his wives led to the introduction of false gods and false worship in Israel. It is good for us to have wisdom, but that is not enough. The highest goal in life is to obey the Lord. Patient obedience to God should characterize our lives.

When the northern kingdom of Israel was being led by wicked kings. God raised up a prophet to proclaim his messages. Elijah single-handedly challenged the priesthood of the state religion and had them removed in one day. Through the dividing of the kingdom and the sending of Elijah. God dealt with the people's sin powerful ways. Sin in our lives is graciously forgiven by God. However, the sin of an unrepentant person will be handled harshly. We must turn from sin and turn to God to be saved from judgment.

First Kings Overview