1 Kings

1 Kings Application

1) Have you seen God's graciousness and long-suffering? God doesn't retaliate; rather, He seeks to bring us to repentance and obedience. What does this provoke in your heart? And how should you live if God is in control of your life?

2) Have you seen how a person can start well in his walk with the Lord and then turn away? What do you think causes this? What can you do to prevent this in your own life? Go back and review what you have listed in the margin regarding the kings and their relationship with the Lord. What lessons have you learned that you can apply to your life?

3) Did you notice the sovereignty of God-how He turns hearts, directs spirits, raises up and puts down kings and others in order to accomplish His purpose and will? Are you living in the light of this truth about God?

4) Have you been thinking that you had to be absolutely perfect before God could use you? Did you see how Elijah was a man "of like passions" just like you and yet God used him? What have you learned about this in 1 Kings? When David's life was over, didn't God call David a man after His own heart? Frailties and all, David was a man of God because he believed and obeyed God.

1 Kings Themes of Application