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Christ’s Superiority in Hebrews 1

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1. Christ is greater than the angels

2. Christ is greater than Moses

3. Christ is greater than the Old Testament priesthood

4. The new covenant is greater than the old


The superiority of Christ over everyone and everything is clearly demonstrated by the author. Christianity supersedes all other religions and can never be surpassed. Where can one find anything better than Christ? Living in Christ is having the best there is in life. All competing religions are deceptions or cheap imitations.

Jews who had become Christians in the first century were tented to fall back into Judaism because of uncertainty, the security of custom, and persecution. Today believers are also tempted to fall back into legalism, fulfilling minimum religious requirements rather than pressing on in genuine faith. We must strive to live by faith each day.

Christ and the Angels

The writer of Hebrews quotes from the Old Testaments repeatedly in demonstrating Christ's greatness comparison to the angels. This audience of first-century Jewish Christians had developed an imbalanced belief in angles and their role, Christ's lordship is affirmed without disrespect to God's valued messengers.

Abraham in the New Testament

The Old and New Covenants

Like pointing out the similarities and differences between the photograph of a person and the actual person, the writer of Hebrews shows the connection between the old Mosaic covenant en the new Messianic covenant. He proves that the old covenant was a shadow of the real Christ.

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