Act's Time

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Speaking in Tongues in Acts

Missionaries of the New Testament and their journeys

The Blueprint

    1. PETER’S MINISTRY (1:1-12:25)

    2. Establishment of the church

    3. Expansion of the church

    4. PAUL’S MINISTRY (13:1-28:31)

    5. First missionary journey

    6. The council at Jerusalem

    7. Second missionary journey

    8. Third missionary journey

    9. Paul on trial

After the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Peter preached boldly and performed many miracles. Peter’s actions demonstrate vividly the source and effects of Christians power. Because of the Holy Spirit, God’s people were empowered so they could accomplish their tasks. The Holy Spirit is still available to empower believers today. We should turn to the Holy Spirit to give us the strength, courage, and insight to accomplish our work for God.

Paul’s missionary adventures show us the progress of Christianity. The gospel could not be confined to one corner of the world. This was a faith that offered hope to all humanity. We, too, should venture forth and share in this heroic task to witness for Christ in all the world.

The First Church Conference

As long as most of the Christians were Jewish, there was little difficulty in welcoming new believers; however, Gentiles (non-Jews) began to accept Jesus' offer of salvation. The evidence in their lives and the presence of God's Spirit in them showed that God was accepting them. Some of the early Christians believed that non-Jewish Christians needed to meet certain conditions before they could be worthy to accept Christ. The issue could have destroyed the church, so a conference was called in Jerusalem, and the issue was formally settled there, although it continued to be a problem for many years followings. Above is an outline of the three points of view at the conference.

Acts Overview