3 John

Rejection of John's Helpers

Gaius, 1

There was a Gaius in Corinth, a convert of Paul's (1 Corinthians 1:14; Romans 16:23), in whose home, in Paul's day, a Church met. A tradition says that he later become John's scribe. But verse 4 calls Gaius one of John's Children, that is, Converts. But, whoever he was, he was a Greatly Beloved Christian Leader. John Loved him and four times called him Beloved (1, 2, 5, 11).

Prosper in All Things, 2

Here is a prayer, from one who was very close to Christ, that a Christian might have. Temporal as well as Spiritual Blessings: an indication that it is not wrong, in the sight of Christ, for one to posses This World's Goods and Benefits. John himself, in early life, had been a man of means. But this same John warns against Loving Things of This World (1 John 2:15-17 ).

Truth, 1

A favorite Word with John. Used over 20 times in John's Gospel. 9 times in 1 John. 5 times in 2 John. And 5 times in 3 John. Love in Truth (1). Walk in Truth (2, 3). Help the Truth (8). Witness of the Truth (12).

John's Helpers, 5-8

Paul, some forty years earlier, had established Churches in and around Ephesus, with no Seminaries to supply Pastors. He had to develop his Pastors out of his converts. Later, John, assuming the pastoral care of these Churches, it seems. gathered round himself, and trained great numbers of teachers and preachers to aid him, and sent them out among the Churches.

Diotrephes, 9

One of the domineering False Teachers, who have nothing to do with John. It seems that he and Gaius were pastors of different congregations in the same city. Apparently, some of John's evangelists, on one of their recent tours, had been refused admission to the congregation over which Diotrephes presided, but Gaius had taken them in. On returning to Ephesus, they told the story of it in John's home church. John was now sending another delegation to the same city, with this little Epistle addressed to Gaius. Demetrius (12), it is thought, may have been the bearer of the Epistle.