2 Timothy

Vital statistics

A Comparison of Paul’s Two Roman Imprisonments

Timothy’s Ministry

Timothy must…


  • Share in suffering for the gospel (1:8; 2:3)

  • Continue in sound doctrine (1:13; 2:15)

  • Flee youthful lusts (2:22)

  • Avoid contentiousness (2:23–25)

  • Militantly preach the gospel (4:2)

  • Through such sharing others will be saved (2:10)

  • False doctrine spreads and leads to ungodliness (2:16, 17)

  • He must be cleansed and set apart for the Master’s use (2:21)

  • He must gently lead others to the truth (2:24–26)

  • Great apostasy is coming (4:3, 4)

The Blueprint

1. Foundations of Christian service (1:1-2:26)

2. Difficult times for Christians service (3:1-4:22)

Paul gives helpful advice to Timothy to remain solidly grounded in Christian service and to endure suffering during the difficult days to come. It is easy for us to serve Christ for the wrong reason: because it is exciting, rewarding, or personally enriching. Without a proper foundation, however, we will find it easy to quit during difficult times. All believers need a strong foundation for their service, because Christian service does not get easier as we grow older, and it will become no easier as the time of Christ's return grows closer.

Second Timothy Overview