2 Thessalonians

2 Thessalonians Application

1) How do you react in trials? How do you respond to persecution? Does your response glorify God? Do people see your faith? Is His love evident?

2) Do you lead a disciplined life? Does your lifestyle encourage laziness in others? Or can you say, “Follow my example”? Are you doing your share for the furtherance of the kingdom, or are you just waiting for Jesus to come back?

3) When the good you do doesn’t seem appreciated –or even noticed- how do you feel? For whom are you doing it? Will you persevere?

4) Does what you believe about prophecy or any other doctrine come from a careful, personal study of God’s Word or is it from what others teach you? Are you holding fast to what you know of the Word of God- or are you easily persuaded by “faddish” teaching?

2 Thessalonians Themes of Application