2 Corinthians

2 Corinthians Application

1) What is the purpose of affliction? When you need to be comforted, do you turn to people or to God?

2) Is it always wrong to feel sorrow, to be hurt, or to have a broken heart? Is it always wrong to cause sorrow, to hurt, or to break another person's heart?

3) How do you deal with those who oppose you? How do you minister to those who are caught in the middle of a conflict and don't know who to believe?

4) Paul was human just like us; he had feelings just like we do. What can we learn from him about how we are to live and respond in spite of our feeling? When is it right to give a defense of one's self, of one's ministry?

5) Are you prepared to stand before the judgment seat of Christ?

6) What place does the ministry of giving have in your life?

7) If you were to examine yourself, would you find your Christianity genuine?

2 Corinthians Themes of Application