1 Corinthians

Vital statistics

The problems sound like a catalog of problems experienced by local churches today

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Theme of 1 Corinthians

Church Discipline

The church at time, must exercise discipline toward members who have sinned. But church discipline must be handled carefully, straightforwardly, and lovingly.


Unintentional error and / or private sin

Public sin and/or those done flagrantly and arrogantly

Steps (Matthew 18:15-17

1. Go to the brother or sister; show the fault to him or her in private

2. If he/she does not listen, go with one or two witnesses.

3. Is he/she refuses to listen, take the matter before the church

After these steps have been carried out, the next steps are:

1. Remove the one in error from the fellowship (1 Corinthians 5:2-13).

2. The church gives united disapproval, but forgiveness and comfort are in order if he/she chooses to repent (2 Corinthians 2:5-8).

3. Do not associate with the disobedient person; and if you must, speak to him/her as one who needs a warnings (2 Thessalonians 3:14, 15).

4. After two warnings, reject the person from the fellowship (Titus 3:10).

What the Bible teach about Worship

The Blueprint


    2. Divisions in the church

    3. Disorder in the church


    5. Instruction on Christian marriage

    6. Instruction on Christian freedom

    7. Instruction on public worship

    8. Instruction on resurrection

Without Paul’s presence, the Corinthians church had fallen into divisiveness and disorder. This resulted in many problems. which Paul addressed squarely. We must be concerned for unity and order in our local churches, but we should not mistake inactivity for order and cordiality for unity. We, too, must squarely address problems in our churches.

The Corinthians had sent Paul a list of questions, and he answered them in a way mean to correct abuses in the church and to show how important it is that they live believe. Paul gives us a Christian approach to problem solving. He analyzed the problem thoroughly to uncover the underlying issue and then highlighted the biblical values that should guide our actions.

First Corinthians Overview