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The word Aepistole is a Greek word that means Aa written message.

From the word Aepistole comes the word Aepistolary which is used top describe this specific form of literature.

This where we get the term Aepistle@ from, which refers to the letters in the NT.

With a slight grammatical change, Paul transforms his letters into Christian terms:

He changes the usual Ajoy(chara in Greek) and Apeace@ (eirene in Greek) to Agrace (charis in Greek) and Apeace@.

20th Century Letters


  1. Location / Date

  2. Name of the recipient

  3. Greetings

  4. Body

  5. Salutation

  6. Name of sender

1st Century Letters


  1. Name of the sender

  2. Name of recipient

  3. Greeting

  4. Prayer of blessing / thanks giving

  5. Body

  6. Salutation

Let us observe how some of the other New Testament letters meet the above criteria.

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