Study Galatians


  1. Read through Galatians and color every reference to the author in one color and every reference to the recipients in another. Then make a list of all you learn about each that answer any of the "5 W's and an H." 

  2. As you read, mark in the text the key words (and their synonyms and pronouns). Mark any other key words you see as you read.

    1. After you mark the key words, it's profitable to list everything you learn from the text about the key words. This will give you additional insights into Paul's message.

    2. Mark references to time with a green clock so that they stand out distinctively.  Double-underline in green all the geographical references.

    3. Jesus Christ is mentioned 38 times in Galatians. List everything you learn about Him from this book.

  3. As you read through the book, note Paul's emphasis in the first two chapters and then how the focus changes in chapter 3. In chapter 3, mark promise and note what it is.

    - Look for the questions Paul asks the recipients of this letter. Watch for words such as: brethren, you, and foolish Galatians. Make s list of these things on the chart Paul's Concern for the Churches at Galatia

    - Fill in the segment divisions on Structure of Galatians

Key Words in the NIV and KJV

NASB key words NIV related words NASB key wordsKJV related words