How to Study 1 Timothy (NASB)

  1. Read 1 Timothy. Mark every reference to Paul in one color and every reference to Timothy in another. Include synonyms and pronouns. Note 1:3 and 3:14-15 to see why Paul wrote this epistle. On the Structure of 1 Timothy chart, record Paul's purpose for writing.  

  2. Read 1 Timothy again, one chapter at a time. On the Observations Chart:

    1.  List what you earn from marking the references to Paul. Observe how he refers to himself, stating his position of authority, which qualifies him to instruct Timothy in the matters described in his letter.

    2. List what you observe from marking references to Timothy. Note where Timothy is and what his relationship is to Paul.

    3. List the commands and instructions Paul gives about specific groups of people or practices. Record what you learn about overseers (elders) and deacons. Also record what you see about general groups of believers in the church. there is a designated space for each of these groups on the Observations Chart.

    4. Record the specific charges Paul gives Timothy as his representative in Ephesus and as the one who is organizing and instructing the church there.

  3. As you read, mark in the text the key words (with their synonyms and pronouns): teach, faith, doctrine, godliness, money (rich, riches), any reference to the devil, all references to prayer. These key words give clues about the most important and most often-mentioned instructions.

  4. Unless you already recorded this on your Observations Chart, make a list of what you learn from the text about these key words. You'll see what is important to the health of the church.

  5. What do you think is the theme of 1 Timothy? Are there any problems or concerns the author must address?  How does the theme relate to these concerns? Record the theme of the book on Structure of 1 Timothy and the list the theme of each chapter on the char. Finally, fill in any additional information under author, propose, and so on. 


Key Words in the NIV and KJV

NASB key words NIV related words NASB key wordsKJV related words
-endure-put up with-overseers
-filthy lucre  


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