Keys Words of the Bible (NAS)

Old Testament


Key Words


God said (or commanded), generations of, covenant, altar, circumcised, Abram (or Abraham).


Slave (s) (bondage), deliver (delivered), holy, the Lord commanded (I commanded, covenant, could, test(ed), law, tabernacle (tent, tent of meeting).


The Lord spoke to Moses saying, tabernacle (tent of meeting), law, sacrifice (offering), sin (iniquity), blood, atonement, holy, covenant.


The Lord spoke to, of the sons of (then underline whose sons they were), service, cloud, wilderness, tent (tabernacle), war, Balaam, Moab, Midian (Midianites), covenant, burnt offering, sin offering.


Fear, heart, command (commanded), observe (keep do), love, remember, commandment, you shall purge (remove) the evil, life, death, curse, blessing, the Lord will, nation (nations, enemies, people), covenant.


Joshua, land, strong, courageous, firm, command (commanded, as the Lord commanded, in accordance with the command of the Lord), possess, ark of the Lord (ark of the covenant), God, Lord, covenant, land, fear, fight (fought), captured, Israel, Caleb, fought, inheritance, possession, possessed, promised,


Sons of Israel did evil, sold (served), sons of Israel cried, the Lord raised up a deliverer (or judge), judge (s).


Redeem (redemption), relative (closet relative, kinsman), Naomi, Ruth, Boaz.

1 Samuel

Ark (of the Lord, of God, of the covenant), ephod, judge (judged), king, Ichabod, Ebenezer, judge (judges), king (don`t include foreign kings), sin(sins, sinned), evil, Spirit of God (of the Lord), ark of God, ephod, reference to time, evil, evil spirit, sin (sinned), judge, covenant, inquire (inquired), ephod.

2 Samuel

King, reigned, inquired, ephod, ark, covenant, before the Lord, evil (iniquity), inquired, ark, evil (sinned, sin), inquired, ark, covenant, before the Lord, evil (iniquity, sinned), Spirit.

1 Kings

Word, (of the Lord), heart, pray (cry, cried), covenant, wisdom (wise), command (commandments), promise (promised), high places, house (when it refers to God`s house, they place of worship), sin (sinned).

2 Kings

According to the word of the Lord, heart, sin, high places, covenant, God.

1 Chronicles

Adam, Noah, Shem, Ham, Japheth, the sons of Japheth, the sons of Ham, the sons of Shem, the sons of Abraham were Isaac and Ishmael, Abraham became father of Isaac, the sons of Isaac were Esau and Israel, these are the sons of Israel, the sons of Judah, David, city of David, ark, covenant,   

2 Chronicles

House, ark, covenant, cry (cried), seek (sought), heart, pray (prayer, prayed), prophet (s).


House (or any reference to God’s house), decree, the law (of Moses, of the Lord, of your God), commandments.


Wall, gate, build, repairs, remember, remember me, command (commandments, ordinances, law),


Banquet (feast), Jew (Jews, her people, my kindred, people), Esther, Ahasuerus, Mordecai, Haman.


God, Satan, Job, wisdom.


Righteous, wicked, sin (iniquity), prayer (pray), praise, sing, fear, refuge, hope, save (saves, saved, salvation), cry (cried).


Wisdom (wise), knowledge, understanding, fear, my son, commandment (s), instruction, tongue, fool (folly).


God, vanity (futile, futility), under the sun (under heaven), wisdom, righteous (righteousness), wicked (wickedness), wise, fool, evil, labor (labored), riches (wealth).

Song of Songs

Love, beloved, come (coming), beautiful.


The day of the Lord (the last day), remnant, Israel, Judah, Samaria, Assyria, woe, Holy One of Israel, Lord of hosts, earth, in that day, salvation, nations, sword, recompense, glory, ransomed, Sennacherib, Rabshakeh, Hezekiah, Isaiah, Babylon, prayer (prayed), I am  the Lord (God), no one besides Me (no other God), redeemer (redemption), nation (nations). 


Listen (heart), return (turn, repent), harlot (adultery, adulteries), wickedness (wicked, iniquity, sin), heart, forsaken (forsake), heal (healing, healed), covenant, concerning, nations, Medes, north,


How, Zion (Jerusalem, the city), anger (wrath), transgressions (sin, iniquity, wickedness), destroy (destroyed, destruction), affliction (afflict), desolate.


Son of man, covenant, vision (s), glory, Spirit (spirit), know that I am the Lord, iniquity, rebelled (rebellious), wrath, heart, harlot (harlotries, adultery, adulteries, adulteress).


Kingdom, rules (ruler), dream, mystery (mysteries), Nebuchadnezzar, vision, kingdom (dominion), horn (s), saints, man of high esteem, end (end time, appointed time, time of end), covenant, Michael, Gabriel.


Harlotry, in that day, love, God, Hosea, in the last days, knowledge, covenant, return, iniquity (sin), I will, from Me, against Me (the Lord), Judah, Israel, Ephraim.


Locust, Zion, day of the Lord (in that day, those days), return, I will, never again, then, now, nations (nation and its pronouns).


Thus says the Lord, for three transgressions of ___and for four, hear this word, Israel, I will, the day of the Lord, yet.


The day, Esau (Edom), Jacob (Judah), the nations, Mount Zion (My holy mountain), declares the Lord (or nay phrase having to do with the Lord speaking or reporting).


Compassion (compassionate), relent (s), turn (turned), pray (prayer, prayed), perish, Lord, called on the Lord (called out to the Lord).


Samaria, Jerusalem, Jacob, Israel, Judah, Zion, Assyrian, destroy (ed) (destruction), remnant, in that day (in the last days), My (Thy, His), people.


I am against you, I will, Nineveh (Assyria), Judah (Jacob, Israel).


God (the Holy One, Lord), proud (haughty man), woe.


I will (the Lord will, He will), the day of the Lord (the day, in or on that day), remnant.


Day of the month, the word of the Lord came, house (temple), people (and pronouns), consider, shake.


I will (the Lord will, He will), the day of the Lord (the day, in or on that day), remnant. 


Lord of hosts, you say (said), profane (profaned), My name (or thy name), priest (s) (offering), curse, covenant.

New Testament


Key Word


King (kingdom, kingdom of heaven, kingdom of God), fulfilled, mark every references to the devil or demons, covenant.


Immediately, authority, kingdom of God, mark every reference to the devil or demons, covenant.


Kingdom of God, Son of Man, mark every reference to the devil or demons, covenant.


God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Believe, life, sign (signs), judge (judgment), witness, true (truth, truly), king (kingdom), love, works, commandments, fruit, abide, ask, devil (Satan, ruler of this world). 


Believe (believed), baptized (baptism), Spirit, witness (witnesses), word (word of God), saved, church. 


Gospel, grace, faith, law, justified, righteous, judge, believe, sin, gentiles, God, Jesus, Spirit. 

1 Corinthians

God, Jesus (Christ, Lord), Spirit, divisions (divided), spirit (note whose spirit or what spirit), power, mind, wise (wisdom), preach, body, church (churches), now concerning, unbelieving (unbelievers), think (thinks, thinking), idols (idolaters, idolatry), knowledge, preach, gospel.

2 Corinthians

Comfort (comforted), afflicted (affliction, suffer, sufferings), sorrow (ful), boast (boasting or glory as both are from the same Greek root word), confidence, commend (ing), death, life, heart, joy (rejoice, rejoicing, rejoiced), ministry, grace, Titus, mark references to the enemy (warfare, serpent, Satan, as well as relative pronouns and synonyms). 


Paul (and pronouns relating to him), gospel, grace, law, Spirit, faith, promise, covenant, Christ (Jesus), free (freedom).


Every reference, to God, in Christ (in Him, in the Lord), the (Holy) Spirit, rich (es), in the heavenly places, former (ly), grace, power (strength), body (church), redemption, walk, mark every reference to the devil (including powers, rulers, authorities, etc.)


Christ Jesus, joy (rejoice), mind (attitude), gospel.


Wisdom, knowledge, understanding, fullness, all, complete, faith, mystery, in Him (or before Him, through Him, etc.)

1 Thessalonians

Gospel (word), faith, love, hope, Lord Jesus Christ (any reference to Jesus), God, Holy Spirit, affliction (tribulation, sufferings), of the Lord, day of the Lord.

2 Thessalonians

Affliction, suffering (persecutions), coming of Jesus Christ (or synonymous references), God, Spirit, glory (glorified), man of lawlessness, undisciplined (unruly), day of the Lord (and relative pronouns), truth.  

1 Timothy

Teach, faith, doctrine, and godliness.

2 Timothy

Gospel, word, suffer (sufferings), persecutions, endure (d), faith, ashamed.


God, Jesus Christ, doctrine, truth, grace, deeds.


Love, appeal, slave.


Jesus (Son), God, angles, priest (priests, priesthood), therefore, faith (faithful), greater, better (better than), let us, perfect, mark the reference to the devil, covenant.


Brethren, faith, perfect (perfected), judge (s) (judged, judgment), law.

1 Peter

Suffering (and all its synonyms), grace, glory, salvation, Jesus Christ, God, Holy Spirit, called, chosen, holy.

2 Peter

Prophecy (prophet, prophetic), knowledge (know, knowing, known), remind (reminder), true (truth), diligent (diligence), false, destroyed, promise.  

1 John

Fellowship, abide, sin, know, love, born of God, light, truth (true), write (writing), mark every reference to the devil (or evil one).

2 John

Truth, love, commandment (s), teaching, walk, abide (s), deceivers (s).

3 John

Truth, witness, good, evil.


These men (they, them), condemnation, destroyed, judgment,


Jesus (Christ), in the Spirit, church (es), throne, mystery, repent, overcome (s), mark every reference to Stan (demons, devil, dragon), after these things, and I saw (looked), angel (s), seal (s), nations, trumpet (s), bowl (s), plague (s), wrath, beast, Babylon (woman), earthquake, voices, thunder, lightning.