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 Purpose: To emphasize the basics of following Christ - truth and love - and to warn against false teachers  
 Author: The apostle John
 Original audience: To "the chosen lady" and her children - or possibly to a local church
 Date written:  About the same time as i John, approximately A.D. 90 from Ephesus 
 Setting: Evidently this woman and her family were involved in one of the churches that John was overseeing-they had developed a strong friendship with John. John was warning her of the false teachers who were becoming prevalent in some of the churches. 
 Key verse:  "Love means doing what God has commanded us, and he has commanded us to love one another, just as you heard from the beginning" (1:6)
 Key people: John, the chosen lady, and her children


Introduction (vv. 1–3).
I.     A New Reason for Rejoicing (v. 4).
II.     A New Level of Life (vv. 5, 6).
III.     A New Source of Danger (v. 7).
IV.     A New Basis of Appeal (v. 8).
V.     A New Need for Watchfulness (vv. 9–11).
Conclusion (vv.     12, 13).
New Geneva study Bible. 1997, c1995 (electronic ed.) (2 Jn 1). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

The Blueprint

 1. Watch out for false teachers (1:1-11)

 2. John's final words (1:12, 13)
   False teachers were dangerous problem for the church to which John was writing. His warning against showing hospitality to false teachers may sound harsh and unloving to many today. Yet these men were teaching heresy that could seriously harm many believers - for eternity.    

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