Zephaniah Application

        1) The day of the Lord is also mentioned in the New Testament. One such reference is in 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11. If the                day of the Lord is yet future, what should you be doing to prepare for the time of its approaching?

        2) What do you learn about the nation of Israel and its future? Are you using these truths in sharing the good news of                    Jesus Christ with God's people, the Jews?

        3) Think about what you have learned about God from Zephaniah and how such knowledge should affect the way you live.

Zephaniah Themes of Application




Day of Judgment

Destruction was coming because Judah had forsaken the Lord. The people worshiped Baal, Molech and the stars in heaven. Even the priests mixed pagan practices with faith in God. God’s punishment for sin was on the way.

To escape God’s judgment we must listen to him, accept his correction, trust him, and seek his guidance. If we accept him as our Lord, we can escape his condemnation.  


to God

Although there had been occasional attempts at renewal, Judah had no sorrow for its sins. The people were prosperous, and they no longer cared about God. God’s demands for righteous living seemed irrelevant to the people, whose security and wealth made them complacent.

Don’t let material confort be a barrier to your commitment to God. Prosperity can lead to an attitude of proud self-sufficiency. We need to admit that money won’t save us and that we cannot save ourselves. Only God can save us.

Day of Cheer

The day of judgment will also be a day of cheer. God will judge all those who mistreat his people. He will purify his people, purging away all sin and evil. God will restore his people and give them hope.

When people are purged of sin, there is great relief and hope. No matter how difficult our experience now, we can look forward to the day of celebration when God will completely restore us. It will truly be a day to rejoice!