Zechariah Application


        1) As you studied Zechariah, were you touched by the awesomeness of God's sovereignty? What does it mean to you                   personally to realize that God reigns supreme over the nations? That He has declared things before they have com to               pass, and that as He has purposed, so it shall be? He can handle nations, can He handle your life?

        2) Do you take time to listen-really listen- to what God says in His Word? If you have not listened, God's invitation to return             to Him is still there in Zachariah for you. Believe Him...and return.

        3) How can you apply the truth of Zachariah 4:6-7 to your own life? Remember, the things that were written in the Old                    Testament were written for our encouragement and perseverance. They are not simply historical records; they are the                bread of life by which we live.

        4) God said, "The Lord is coming; He will dwell in our midst." Revelation 22:12 tells us that when He comes, He will reward             us according to our deeds. Are you prepared? According to 1 John 3:2-3 the coming of the Lord is a purifying hope.                    What do you need to do in order no to be ashamed at His coming?   

Zachariah Themes of Application






God was angry at his people for ignoring his prophets through the years, and he was concerned that they not follow the careless and false leaders who exploited them. Disobedience was the root of their problems and the cause of their misery. God was jealous for their devotion to him.

God is jealous for our devotion. To avoid Israel’s ruin, don’t walk in their steps. Don’t reject God, follow false teacher, or lead others astray. Turn to God, faithfully obey his commands, and make sure you are leading others correctly.


the Temple

The Jews were discouraged. They were free from exile, yet the Temple was not completed. Zechariah encouraged them to rebuild it. God would both protect his workmen and empower them by his Holy Spirit to carry out his work.  

More than the rebuilding of the Temple was at stake - the people were staging the first act in God’s wonderful drama of the end times. Those of us who love God must complete his work. To do so we must have the Holy Spirit’s help. God will empower us with his Spirit.   

The King

is Coming

The Messiah will come both to rescue people from sin and to reign as King. He will establish his kingdom, conquer all his enemies, and rule over all the earth. Everything will one day be under his loving and powerful control.  

The Messiah came as a servant to die for us. He will return as a victorious King. At that time, he will usher in peace throughout the world .Submit to his leadership now to be ready for the King’s triumphant return.



There was opposition to God’s plan in Zechariah’s day, and he prophesied future of trouble. But God’s Word endures. God remembers the covenants makes with his people. He cares for his people and will deliver them from all the world powers that oppress them.  

Although evil is still present, God’s infinite love and personal care have been demonstrated through the centuries. God keeps his promises. Although our bodies may be destroyed, we need never fear our ultimate destiny if we love and obey him.