Romans Application

  1. From your study of  Romans, how is a person saved? Write this out.

  2. Suppose someone accused you of not being a Christian. What proof could you give of the fact that you are true child of God?

  3. Do you know how to share with someone? Outline or write your testimony, incorporating the gospel into it.

  4. How will your relationship to those in authority over you and to those who are your brothers and sisters in the faith change as you apply the truth of Romans to your life?

  5. Are you ready to defend the gospel? Can you refute modern-day Judaizers and/or antinomians?

Romans Theme of Application





Sin means refusing to do God’s will and failing to do all that God wants. Since Adam’s rebellion against God, our nature is to disobey him. Our sin cuts us off from God. Sin causes us to want to live our own way rather than God’s way. Because God is morally perfect, just, and fair, he is right to condemn sin.  

Each person has sinned, either by rebelling against God or by ignoring his will. No matter what our background or how hard we try to live good and moral lives, we cannot earn salvation or remove our sin. Only Christ can save us.  


Our sin points out our need to be forgiven and cleansed. Although we don’t deserve it, God, in his kindness; reached out to love and forgive us. He provides the way for us to be saved. Christ’s death paid the penalty for our sin.  

It is good news that God saves us from our sin. But in order to enter into a wonderful new relationship with God, we must believe that Jesus died for us and that he forgives all our sin.


By God’s power, believers are sanctified - made holy. This means we are set apart from sin, enabled to obey and to become more like Christ. When we are growing in our relationship with Christ, the Holy Spirit frees us from the demands of the law and from fear of judgment.  

Because we are free from sin’s control, the law’s demands, and fear God’s punishment, we can grow in our relationship with Christ. By trusting in the Holy Spirit and allowing him to help us, we can overcome sin and temptation.


God oversees and cares about his people - past, present, and future. God’s way of dealing with people are always fair. Because God is in charge of all creation, he can save whomever he wills.   

Because of God’s mercy, both Jews and Gentiles can be saved. We all must respond to his mercy and accept his gracious offer of forgiveness. Because he is sovereign,  let him reign in your heart.   


When our purpose is to give credit to God for his love, power, and perfection in all we do, we can serve him properly. Serving him unifies all believers and enables them to show love and sensitivity to others.  

None of us can be fully Christlike by ourselves - it takes the entire body of Christ to fully express Christ. By actively and vigorously building up other believers, Christians can be a symphony of service to God.