Revelation Application

Chapters 1-3

  1. As you look at the Lord's message to each church, do you think the message could be for the church today? Look back through Jesus' messages to the churches in chapter 2 and 3 and note what the Spirit is saying to him who has "an ear." To whom is the Spirit speaking? What does He want you to hear? To do?
  2. Think about what you have learned about Jesus Christ from these three chapter and then spend some time worshiping Him for who and what He is.
  3. According to 1 John 5:4-5, and Revelation 2-3, are you an overcomer? How does it show? Is there anything you need to do that you are not presently doing so that when Jesus appears you won't be ashamed? 

Chapters 4-22

  1. Revelation gives insight into God's judgment upon the wicked because of what they worship. It also gives a glimpse of the way the righteous worship. How would you compare your worship with the worship described in Revelation? You might want to go back and look at the scenes where God is worshiped and use them as a pattern for worship.
  2. Now that you have a better understanding of the wrath to come upon the unbeliever, what priority needs to be placed on sharing the gospel? Is witnessing a priority in you personal life?
  3. Has you life been changed by Jesus Christ? Do you no longer live in habitual sin? If not, you need to be saved. Will you acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ as God, receive His forgiveness for your sins, and let Him take full control of your life? If so, record the date in the margin. Surely you have seen that He is worthy-and trustworthy.
  4. Revelation 22:12 tells us Jesus is coming, and His reward is with Him to give to everyone according to what he has done. Are you living in the light of that day?


Revelation Themes of Application






God is sovereign. He greater than any power in the universe. God is not to be compared with any leader, government, or religion. He controls history for the purpose of uniting true believers in loving fellowship with him.

Though Satan’s power may temporarily increase, we are not to be led astray. God is all-powerful. He is in control. He will bring his true family safely into eternal life. Because he cares for us, we can trust him with our very life.



Christ came to earth as a “Lamb,” the symbol of his perfect sacrifice for our sin. He will return as the triumphant “Lion,” the rightful ruler and conqueror. He will defeat Satan, settle accounts with all those who reject him, and bring his faithful people into eternity.   

Assurance of Christ’s return gives suffering Christians the strength to endure. We can look forward to his return as king and judge. Since no one knows the time when he will appear, we must be ready at all times by keeping our faith strong.  




John wrote to encourage the church to resist the demands to worship the Roman emperor. He warns all God’s faithful people to be devoted only to Christ. Revelation identifies who the faithful people are and what they should be doing until Christ returns.

You can take your place in the ranks of God’s faithful people by believing in Christ. Victory is sure for those who resist temptation and make loyalty to Christ their top priority.


One day God’s anger toward sin will be fully and completely unleashed. Satan will be defeated with all of his agents. False religion will be destroyed. God will reward the faithful with eternal life, but all who refuse to believe in him will face eternal punishment.  

Evil and injustice will not prevail forever. God’s final judgment will put an end to these. We need to be certain of our commitment to Jesus if we want to escape this great final judgment. No one who rejects Christ will escape God’s punishment.   


One day God will create a new heaven and a new earth. All believers will live with him forever in perfect in perfect peace and security. Those who have already died will be raised to life. These promises for the future bring us hope.  

Our great hope is the what Christ promises will come true. When we have confidence in our final destination, we can follow Christ with unwavering dedication no matter what we must face. We can be encouraged by hoping in Christ’s return.