Philippians Application

        1) What have you learned from Philippians about your relationship to suffering as a Christian? How is it going to affect the             way you respond to suffering?

        2) Can you say with Paul, "For to me , to live is Christ and to die is gain"? I you can't think about what has replaced Christ's             rightful place in your life.

        3) What have you learned from Jesus' example that you can apply to you own life? Do you have the attitude of Christ                     toward God and others? Do you regard others as more important than yourself?

        4) Do you allow your circumstances to affect your peace? What is keeping you from His peace? After reading Philippians 4             do you see any way to handle life's anxieties?

        5) What have you learned about your own needs and sharing with others in need?

Philippians Themes of Application





Christ showed true humility when he laid aside his rights and privileges as God to become human. He poured out his life to pay the penalty we deserve. Laying aside self-interest is essential to all our relationship.   

We are to take Christ’s attitude in serving others. We must renounce personal recognition and merit. When we give up our self-interest, we can serve with joy, love, and kindness.


Christ suffered and died so we might have eternal life. With courage and faithfulness, Paul sacrificed himself. He preached the gospel even while he was in prison.

Christ give us power to lay aside our personal needs and concerns. To utilize his power, we must imitate those leaders who show self-denying concern for others. We dare not be self-centered.


In every church, in every generation, there are divisive influences (issues, loyalties, and conflicts). In the midst of hardships, it is easy to turn on one another. Paul encouraged the Philippians to agree with on another, stop complaining, and work together.  

As believers, we should not contend with one another but unite against a mutual enemy. When we are unified in love, Christ’s strength is most abundant. Keep before you the ideals of teamwork, consideration of others, and unselfishness.

Christian Living

Paul show us how to live successful Christian lives. We can become mature by being so identified with Christ that his attitude of humility and self-sacrifice become ours. Christ is both our source of power and our guide.

Developing our character begins with God’s work in us. But growth also requires self-discipline, obedience to God’s Word, and concentration on our part.


Believers can have profound contentment, serenity and peace no matter what happens. This joy comes from knowing Christ personally and from depending on his strength rather than our own.    

We can have joy, even in hardship. Joy does not come from outward circumstances but from inward strength. As Christians, we must not rely on what we have or what we experience to give us joy but on Christ within us.