Obadiah Application

        1) Sometimes when tragic and unjust things happen, we wonder where God is. If He is righteous, just, and omnipotent, why doesn't He intervene? What do you learn from Obadiah that helps answer these questions? What can you learn from this for your own life?

        2) How should we respond to the tragedies of others, the dark hours of our enemies? What does God think when we use                their tragedy to our advantage?


Obadiah Themes of Application





Obadiah predicted that God would destroy Edom as punishment for standing by when Babylon invaded Judah. Because of their treachery, Edam’s land would be given to Judah in the day when God rights the wrongs against his people.

God will judge and fiercely punish all who harm his people. We can be confident on God’s final victory. He is our champion, and we can trust him to bring about true justice.   


Because of their seemingly invincible rock fortress, the Edomites were proud and self-confident. But God humbled them and their nation disappeared from the face of the earth.

All those who defy God will meet their doom as Edom did. Any nation who trusts in its power, wealth, technology or wisdom more than in God will be brought low. All who are proud will one day be shocked to discover that no one is exempt from God’s justice.