Nahum  Application

        1) What do you learn about the justice of God and the certainty of His Word from this book? Is this the kind of God you can             trust? Why?

        2) Is there anything that can stop God from doing what He says or plans?

        3) Can compassionate people deliver this kind of massages? What if you were impressed by God to bring this kind of                    warning to others? Would you? What would motivate you or hinder you? By the way, remember the meaning of                            Nahum's name.

Nahum Themes of Application




God Judges

God would judge the city of Nineveh for its idolatry, arrogance, and oppression. Although Assyria was the leading military power in the world, God would completely destroy this “invincible” nation. God allows no person or power usurp or scoff at his authority.   

Anyone who remains arrogant and resists God’s authority will face his anger. No ruler or nation will get away with rejecting him. No individual will be able to hide from his judgment. Yet those who keep trusting God will be kept safe forever.

God Rules

God rules over all the earth, even over those who don’t acknowledge him. God is all-powerful, and no one can thwart his plans. God will overcome any who attempt to defy him. Human power is futile against God.    

If you are impressed by or afraid of any weapons, armies, or powerful people, remember that God alone can truly rescue you from fear or oppression. We must place our confidence in God because he alone rules all of history, all the earth, and our life.