Matthew Application

        1) Have you bowed your to Jesus as King in your life? Read Matthew 7:21-27 and think about the difference between                    between merely hearing something and hearing and living accordingly. Which best describes you?

        2) Can you explain from Scripture to another person why Jesus is the King of the promised kingdom?

        3) Do you realize that Jesus' final words to His disciples in Matthew 28:19, 20 are your responsibility also? What are you                doing in order to fulfill His Great Commission? As you go, are you making disciples? Are you teaching them to observe all that He has commanded?


Matthew Themes of Application




Jesus Christ

the King

Jesus is revealed as the King of Kings. His miraculous birth, his life and teaching, his miracles, and his triumph over death show his true identity.  

Jesus cannot be equated with any person or power. He is the supreme ruler of time and eternity, heaven and earth, humans and angels. We should give him his rightful place as King of our lives.   

The Messiah

Jesús was the Messiah, the one for whom the Jews had waited to deliver them from Roman oppression. Yet, tragically, they didn’t recognize him when he came because his kingship was not what they expected. The true purpose of God’s anointed deliverer was to die for all people to free them from sin’s oppression.  

Because Jesus was sent by God, we can trust him with our lives. It is worth everything we have to acknowledge him and give ourselves to him, because he come to be our Messiah,our Savior.

Kingdom of God

Jesus come to earth to begin his Kingdom. His full kingdom will be realized at his return and will be made up of anyone who has faithfully followed him.

The way to enter God’s Kingdom by faith - believing in Christ to save us from sin and change our lives. We must do the work of his Kingdom now to be prepared for his return.