Mark Application

        1) People often say that Mark shows the servant aspect of Jesus` ministry. Although the word servant is only used four                    times, Mark 10:45 says “did nor come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” How like your             Lord are you in that respect? Would others regard you as a servant? Or do they see you as having to be “number one”?             What is it to be “number one” in God’s eyes?

        2) Jesus talks about discipleship in this Gospel. According to Jesus, what is required of disciples? Can you consider                         yourself a true disciple of Jesus Christ? Why? Think about Mark 8:34-36 and 10:28-31.

        3) Can you say with Peter, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God?” And will you listen to Him, to Jesus, as the                    Father commands?

Mark Themes of Application




Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ alone is the Son of God. In Mark, Jesus demonstrates his divinity by overcoming disease, demons, and death. Although he had the power to be king of the earth, Jesus chose to obey the Father and die for us.

When Jesus rose from the dead, he proved that he was God, that he could forgive sin, and that he has the power to change our lives. By trusting in him for forgiveness, we can begin a new life with him as our guide.


As the Messiah, Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament by coming to earth. He did not come as a conquering king; he came as a servant. He helped people by telling them about God and healing them. Even more, by giving his life as a sacrifice for sin, he performed the ultimate act of service.

Because of Jesus’ example we should be willing to serve God and others. Real greatness in Christ’s Kingdom is shown by service and sacrifice. Ambition or love of power or position should not be our motive; instead, we should do God’s work because we love him.    


Mark records more of Jesus’ miracles than sermons. Jesus is clearly a man of power and action, not just words. Jesus did miracles to convince the people who he was and to confirm to the disciples his true identity-God.

The more convinced we become that Jesus is God, the more we will see his power and his love. His mighty works show us he is able to save anyone regardless of his or her past. His miracles of forgiveness bring healing, wholeness, and changed lives to those who trust him.  


the Gospel

Jesus directed his public ministry to the Jews first. When the Jewish leaders opposed him, Jesus also went to the non-Jewish world, healing and preaching. Roman soldier, Syrians, and other Gentiles heard the Good News. Many believed and followed him. Jesus’ final message to his disciples challenged them to go into all the world and preach the gospel of salvation.  

Jesus crossed national, racial, and economic barriers to spread his Good News. Jesus’ message of faith and forgiveness is for the  whole world - not just our church, neighborhood, or nation. We must reach out beyond our own people and needs to fulfill the worldwide vision of Jesus Christ so that people everywhere may hear this great message and be saved from sin and death.