Malachi Application

        1) What do you learn from God's word to the priests that you can apply to your own life? Read through the list you                        compiled on "the priests" and remember that if you belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, you are part of a kingdom of priests             to God. What kind of a priest are you? In principle, do you think God expects anything less of you as a Christian? For                instance, what do you offer the Lord of your time and relents, your tithe and offering? Do you give others instructions                according to the Word of the Lord or according to the current philosophy of the world? What about covenant relationship             with your mate?

        2) Are you tired of serving God? Or do you fear Him? If so, what is God's promise to you?

Malachi Themes of Application




God’s Love

God loves his people even when they ignore or disobey him. He has great blessings to bestow on these who are faithful to him. His love never ends.

Because God loves us so much, he hates hypocrisy and careless living. This kind of loving denies him the relationship he wants to have with us. What we give and how we live reflects the sincerity of our love for God.

The Sin

of the Priests

Malachi singled out the priests for condemnation. They knew what God required, yet their sacrifices were unworthy and their service was insincere; they were lazy, arrogant, and insensitive. They had a casual attitude toward the worship of God and observance of God’s standards.

If religious leaders go wrong, how will the people be led? We are all leaders in some capacity. Don’t neglect your responsibilities or be ruled by what is convenient. Neglect and insensitivity are acts of disobedience. God wants leaders who are faithful and sincere.  

The Sin

of the People

The people had not learned the lesson of the Exile, nor had they listened to the prophets. Men were callously divorcing their faithful wives to marry younger pagan women. This was against God’s law because it disobeyed his commands about marriage and threatened the religious training of the children. But pride had hardened the hearts of the people.  

God deserves our very best honor, respect,and faithfulness. But sin hardens our heart to our true condition. Pride is unwarranted self-esteem; it is setting your own judgment above God’s and looking down on others. Don’t let pride keep you from giving God your devotion, money, marriage, and family.  

The Lord’s


God’s love for his faithful people is demonstrated by the Messiah’s coming. The Messiah will lead the people to the realization of all their fondest hopes. The day of the Lord’s coming will be a day of comfort and healing for a faithful few, and a day of judgment for those who reject him.

At Christ’s first coming, he refined and purified all those who believed in him. Upon his return, he will expose and condemn those who are proud, insensitive, or unprepared. Yet God is able to heal and forgive. Forgiveness is available to all who come to him.