Luke Application

        1) Have you been slow of heart to believe all that Moses and the prophets wrote about Jesus Christ? Do you see Jesus as             the Son of Man, the fulfillment of the prophecy, the Christ, the Son of God? Have you bowed to Him as Lord of your life?

        2) Jesus reached out to the hurting, the sinners, and the outcasts. He visited in their homes. He was available and                        accessible. What about you? Do you have compassion on these people? Are you wasting your life on self or are you                investing in others? What did you learn from watching Christ's response to others that you can apply to your life?

        3) If Jesus needed to withdraw often to a lonely place to pray, what about you? Is prayer a high priority in your life? Do you             understand and incorporate the principles of prayer that Jesus taught in the Gospel of Luke?


Luke Themes of Application




Jesus Christ

the Savior

Luke describes how God’s Son entered human history, Jesus lived as the perfect example of a human. After a perfect ministry, he provided a perfect sacrifice for our sin so we could be saved.

Jesus is our perfect leader and Savior. He offers forgiveness to all who will accept him as Lord of their lives and believe that what he says is true.


luke was a medical doctor and historian. He put great emphasis on dates and details, connecting Jesus to events and people in history.

Luke gives details so we can believe in the reliability of the history of Jesus’ life. Even more important, we can believe with certainty that Jesus is God.  


Jesus was deeply interested in people and relationship. He showed warm concern for his followers and friends - men, women, and children.

Jesús’ love for people is good news for everyone. His message is for all people in every nation. Each one of us has an opportunity to respond to him faith.


As a perfect human, Jesus showed tender sympathy to the poor, the despised, the hurt, and the sinful. No one was rejected or ignored by him.

Jesús is more than a good teacher - he cares for you. Because of his deep love for you, he can satisfy your needs.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit was present at Jesus’ birth, baptism, ministry, and resurrection. As a perfect example for us, Jesus lived in dependence on the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit was sent by God as confirmation of Jesus’ authority. The Holy Spirit is given to enable people to live for Christ. By faith we can have the indwelling Holy Spirit’s presence and power to witness and to serve.