John Application

        1) Do you really believe that Jesus is God and live accordingly? And what if you don't? (see John 8:24)

        2) Do you know how to take another person through the Scripture to show him that Jesus is God?

        3) Do people know that you are a disciple of Jesus Christ because of your love for others and because you have continued             in His Word?

        4) Are you relying on the Spirit of God to comfort you, help you, bear witness through you, do the work of God through you,             and guide you into all truth?

        5) Do you look at other Christians and wonder why God deals differently with you than He does with them? Do you need to             hear His words to Peter in John 21:22, "If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me! "Are you             willing to follow Jesus wherever He leads, even if you have to do it alone? Are you telling others about Him?


John Themes of Application




Jesus Christ

Son of God

John shows us that Jesus is unique as God’s special Son, yet he is fully God. Because he is fully God, Jesus is able to reveal God to us clearly and accurately.

Because Jesus is God’s Son, we can perfectly trust what he says. By trusting him, we can gain an open mind to understand God’s message and fulfill his purpose in our lives.

Eternal Life

Because Jesus is God, he lives forever. Before the world began, he lived with God, and he will reign forever with him. In John we see Jesus revealed in power and magnificence even before his resurrection.

Jesus offers eternal life to us. We are invited to begin living in a personal, eternal relationship with him now. Although we must grow old and die, by trusting him we can have a new life that lasts forever.  


John records eight specific signs, or miracles, that show the nature of Jesus’ power and love. We see his power over everything created, and we see his love of all people. These signs encourage us to believe in him.

Believing is active, living, and continuous trust in Jesus as God. When we believe in his life, his words, his death and his resurrection, we are cleansed from sin and receive power to follow him. But we must respond to him by believing.  

Holy Spirit

Jesus taught his disciples that the Holy Spirit would come after he ascended from earth. The Holy Spirit would then indwell, guide, counsel, and comfort those who follow Jesus . Through the Holy Spirit, Christ’s presence and power are multiplied in all who believe.

Through God’s Holy Spirit, we are drawn to him on faith. We must know the Holy Spirit to understand all Jesus taught. We can experience Jesus’ love and guidance as we allow the Holy Spirit to do his work in us.


On the third day after he died, Jesus rose from the dead. This was verified by his disciples and many eyewitnesses. This reality changed the disciples from frightened deserters to dynamic leaders in the new church. This fact is the foundation of the Christian faith.  

We can be changed as the disciples were and have confidence that our bodies will one day be raised to live with Christ forever. The same power that raised Christ to life can give us the ability to follow Christ each day.