Isaiah Application

        1) God's character never changes; therefore what distressed Him in the days of Isaiah still distresses Him today. And what He had to judge then, He cannot overlook now. Is there anything in your life you must confess and forsake? And what if you are not willing to do so? Will God be able to overlook it? Think about what you learned about God and His ways.

        2) God is sovereign. He ruled over the nations in the days of Israel. Does He do the same today? What, then, can you know? How might your nation fit into all this?

        3) Amos says God doesn't do anything without first revealing it to His servants, the prophets (Amos 3:7). Therefore, from studying Isaiah, what do you know with an absolute certainty is going to come to pass? If the prophecies regarding the first coming of Jesus Christ literally come to pass (and they did), won't the prophecies regarding His second coming be literally fulfilled? How, then, are you to live?

Isaiah Themes of Application





God is highly exalted above all his creatures. His moral perfection stands in contrast to evil people and nations. God is perfect and sinless in all his motives and actions, so he is in perfect control of his power, judgment, love, and mercy. His holy nature is our standard for morality.

Because God is without sin, he alone can help us with our sin. It is only right that we regard him as supreme in power and moral perfection. We must never treat God as common or ordinary. He alone deserves our devotion and praise. He is always truthful.


Because God is, holy, he requires his people to treat others justly. He promised to punish Israel, Judah and others nations for faithless immorality and idolatry. True faith had degenerated into national pride and empty religious rituals.

We must trust in God alone and fulfil his commands. We cannot forsake justice nor give in to selfishness. If we harden our hearts against his message, punishment will surely come to us.  


Because God’s judgment is coming, we need a Savior. No person or nation can be saved without God’s help. Christ’s perfect sacrifice for our sins is foretold and portrayed in Isaiah. All who trust God can be freed from their sin and restored to him.

Christ died to save us from our sin. We cannot save ourselves. He is willing to save all those who turn from sin and come to him. Salvation is from God alone. No amount of good works can earn it.  


God will send the Messiah to save his people. He will set up his Kingdom as the faithful Prince of Peace, who rules with righteousness. He will come as sovereign Lord, but he will do so as a servant who will die to take away sins.  

Our trust must be in the Messiah, not in ourselves or in any nation or power. There is no hope unless we believe in him. Trust Christ fully and let him rule in your life as your sovereign Lord.


God promises comfort, deliverance, and restoration in his future KIngdom. The Messiah will rule over his faithful followers in the age to come. Hope is possible because Christ is coming. We can be refreshed because there is compassion for those who repent. No matter how bleak our situation or how evil the world is, we must continue to be God’s faithful people who hope for his return.