Hebrews Application


        1) Meditate on the truths you learned about Jesus. Do you see Him as “better than…”? How supreme is He in your life?

        2) As you press on to Christian maturity, are you noticing a new sense of confidence in your God? Is your faith being                    strengthened? Are you drawing near God? Do you think Jesus understands what you’re going through? Can He really                help?

        3) Are you laying aside every encumbrance (every weighty thing that is slowing you down) and every sin, and running with            endurance the race set before you? If not, what is holding you back?

        4) How are your morals? Do you believe and live in the light of the fact that God will judge fornicators and adulterers?

        5) Are you continually offering up the sacrifice of praise? What are some things you can thank God for today?

Hebrews Themes of Application




Christ Is Superior

Hebrews reveals Jesus’ true identity as God. Jesus is the ultimate authority. He is greater than any religion or any angel. He is superior to any Jewish leader (such as Abraham, Moses, or Joshua) and superior to any priest. He is the complete revelation of God.  

Jesus alone can forgive our sin. He has secured our forgiveness and salvation by his death on the cross. We can find peace with God and real meaning for life by believing in Christ. We should not accept any alternative to or substitute for him.  

High Priest

In the Old Testament, the high priest represented the Jews before God. Jesus Christ links us with God. There is no other way to reach God. Because Jesus Christ lived a sinless life, he is the perfect substitute to die for our sin. He is our perfect representative with God.   

Jesus guarantees our access to God the Father. He intercedes for us so we can boldly come to the Father with our needs. When we are weak, we can come confidently to God for forgiveness and ask for his help.   


Christ's sacrifice was the ultimate fulfillment of all that the Old Testament sacrifices represented - God’s forgiveness for sin. Because Christ is the perfect sacrifice for our sin, our sins are completely forgiven - past, present, and future.   

Christ removed sin, which barred us from God’s presence and fellowship. But we must accept his sacrifice for us. By believing in him, we are no longer guilty but cleansed and made whole. His sacrifice clears the way for us to have eternal life.


Though we are saved from sin when we believe in Christ, we are given the task of going on and growing in our faith. Through our relationship with Christ, we can live blameless lives, be set aside for his special use, and develop maturity.

The process of maturing in our faith takes time. Daily commitment and service produce maturity. When we are mature in our faith, we are not easily swayed or shaken by temptation or worldly concerns.


Faith is confident trust in God’s promises. God’s greatest promise is that we can be saved through Jesús.  

If we trust in Jesus Christ for our complete salvation, he will transform us completely. A life of obedience and complete trust is pleasing to God.


Faith enables Christians to face trials. Genuine faith includes the commitment to stay true to God when we are under fire. Endurance builds character and leads to victory.

We can have victory in our trials if we don’t give up or turn our back on Christ. Stay true to Christ and pray endurance.