Haggai Application

        1) Have you given too much attention and time to your personal affairs and needs but neglected the things of God that are             important for the spreading of the gospel or the furtherance of His work?

        2) What might God be trying to say when cataclysmic events take place? Do you take advantage of these things to turn                people's attention and thoughts to God?

        3) When discouraged in your service to God, do you quit, or do you courageously persevere, determined to be faithful and             to leave the outcome to God?

Haggai Themes of Application




Right Priorities

God had given the Jews the assignment to finish the Temple in Jerusalem when they returned from captivity.

After 15 years, they still had not completed it. They were more concerned about building their own homes than finishing God’s work. Haggai told them to get their priorities straight.

It is easy to make other priorities more important than doing God’s work. But God wants us to follow through and build up his Kingdom.

Don’t stop and don’t make excuse. Set your heart on what is right and do it. Get your priorities straight

God’s Encouragement

Haggai encouraged the people as they worked. He assured them of the divine presence of the Holy Spirit and of final victory, and instilled in them the hope that the Messiah would reign.

If God gives you a task, don’t be afraid to get started. His resources are infinite. God will help you complete it by giving you encouragement from others along the way.