Galatians Application

        1) Are you living under grace or under law? Have you accepted the grace of God for your salvation but still put yourself                    under the law for daily living?

        2) According to Galatians 5:16 - 21, if you live under grace, under the control of the Spirit of God, you will not be able to                live a life habitually controlled by the flesh, producing the works of the flesh. Evaluate your walk according to these                    verses.

        3) What do you boast in?

        4) As you look at Paul's life, what do you learn for your own life?

Galatians Themes of Application





A group of Jewish teachers insisted that non-Jewish believers must obey Jewish law and traditional rules. They believed a person was saved by following the law of Moses (with emphasis on circumcision, the sign of the covenant), in addition to faith in Christ. Paul opposed them by showing that the law can’t save anyone.

We can’t be saved by keeping the Old Testament law, even the Ten Commandments. The law served as a guide to point out our need to be forgiven. Christ fulfilled the obligations of the law for us. We must turn to him to be saved. He alone can make us right with God.  


We are saved from God’s judgment and penalty for sin by God’s gracious gift to us. We receive salvation by faith - trusting in him - not in anything else. Becoming a Christian is in no way based in our initiative, wise choice, or good character. We can be right with God only by believing in him.  

Your acceptance with God comes by believing in Christ alone. You must never add to or twist this truth. We are saved by faith, not by the good that we do. Have you placed your whole trust and confidence in Christ? He alone can forgive you and bring you into a relationship with God.  


Galatians is our charter of Christian freedom. We are not under the jurisdiction of Jewish laws and traditions nor under the authority of Jerusalem. Faith in Christ brings true freedom from sin and from the futile attempt to be right with God by keeping the law.

We are free in Christ, and yet freedom is a privilege. We are not free to disobey Christ or practice immorality, but we are free to serve the risen Christ. Let us use our freedom to love and to serve, not to do wrong.

Holy Spirit

We become Christians through the work of the Holy Spirit. He brings new life; even our faith to believe is a gift from him. The Holy Spirit instructs, guides, leads, and gives us power. He ends our bondage to evil desires, and he creates in us love, joy, peace, and many other wonderful changes.  

When the Holy Spirit leads us, he produces his fruit in us. Just as we are saved by faith, not deeds, we also grow by faith, By believing, we can have the Holy Spirit within us, helping us live for Christ. Obey Christ by following the Holy Spirit leading.