Ephesians Application

        1) Stop and review all you observed and recorded about your position as a child of God. Go through chapter 1 again and                note everything God has done for you. Watch for the personal pronoun He. Also note the phrase according to and the                word will. Think about what God has done for you and why. Then thank Him and tell Him you want to live accordingly.

        2) Ephesians 2:8-10 are extremely important verses. Think about what God is saying to you and ask God to show you                    whether you are trusting in His grace or in your works to get to heaven. But don't stop there. Think about the                                relationship of good works to the life of a believer. How are you walking? Memorize these verses.

        3) In your home do you live according to Ephesians 5:18-6:4?

        4) Are you able to stand firm, or are you defeated by the devil's schemes? Don't forget where you are seated. Think about               God's power, His strength, His armor. Do you have it on, and are you standing firm in truth, righteousness, peace,                        salvation, and faith? Are you able to use the Word of God as your offensive weapon?

Ephesians Themes of Application




God’s Purpose

According to God’s eternal, loving plan, he directs, carries out, and sustains our salvation.

When we respond to Christ’s love by trusting in him, his purpose becomes our mission. Have you committed yourself to fulfilling God’s purpose?

Christ the Center

Christ is exalted as the center of the universe and the focus of history. He is the head of the body, the church. He is the Creator and sustainer of all creation.

Because Christ is central to everything, his power must be central in us. Begin by placing all your priorities under his control.

Living Church

Paul describes the nature of the church. The church, under Christ’s control, is a living body, a family, a dwelling. God gives believers special abilities by his Holy Spirit to build the church.

We are part of Christ’s body, and we must live in vital union with him. Our conduct must be consistent with this living relationship. Use your God-given abilities to equip believers for service. Fulfill your role in the living church.  

New Family

Because God through Christ paid our penalty for sin and forgave us, we have been reconciled-brought near to him. We are a new society, a new family. Being united with Christ means we are to treat one another as family members.

We are family in Christ, so there should be no barriers, no divisions, no basis for discrimination. We all belong to him, so we should live in harmony with one another.

Christian Conduct

Paul encourage all Christians to wise, dynamic Christian living, for with privileges goes family responsibility. As a new community, we are to live by Christ’s new standards.    

God provides his Holy Spirit to enable us to live his way. To utilize the Spirit’s power, we must lay aside our evil desires and draw on the power of his new life. Submit your will to Christ, and seek to love others.